» » » Gossip News: Cristiano Ronaldo needs a little love, says Guti

Cristiano Ronaldo  needs a little love, says Guti
The former Real Madrid midfielder has suggested that the Portuguese star's recent complaints
are not to do with money and says there is a long way to go in La Liga this season

Cristiano Ronaldo probably needs a little love, says Guti
what sort of rubbish do you guys write? Ronaldo was marked by 20 players messi was marked by 2000.000 million players, pls what has that got to do with football, or best players are choosed with the result of how many players he was marked by!!! pls how many players mark xavi ? Zidan and does midfield legends, so does that maked them a bad player? it even make them a better player, cos they can make the whole opponent players go to the wrong direction by just one deceiving move, then just stroll towards the goal post

Guti the best man cleard that Ramos misses one game coz he need to take rest but all the jornalist try to do their job papilar by making false newss so it emeberesing for sport

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